He was born in 1959. Doctor in Philology, he is known above all as a singer and songwriter. He has performed throughout Europe and America (France, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Mexico, etc.) and has recorded twelve albums with his own songs, three with his adaptations of Georges Brassens, and another three with poems by various authors, in addition
to writing, composing and adapting songs for Dyango, Guillermina Motta, La Salseta del Poble Sec, Titot, La Principal de la Nit, Mesclat, Blues de Picolat, Luis Eduardo Aute and other groups and soloists. Author of the reference book Diccionari de la Cançó. Dels Setze Jutges al rock català (2000), he has collaborated as a columnist, scriptwriter and broadcaster in various media (Serra d’Or, Catalunya Ràdio, Ràdio 4, Revista Musical Catalana…). As a storyteller for children and young people, he has published eight books and has won the Lola Anglada (2003) and Barcanova (2012) awards. He has also used his experience as a teacher and singer to give concerts-lectures dedicated to sung poetry, French song, etc., and workshops on literature and song at hundreds of institutes, language schools, libraries, universities…
Between 2007 and 2018, he collaborated with Carles Canut and the Theatre Romea Foundation as a playwright, actor and singer, and signed more than twenty shows performed by actors as Joan Pera, Lluís Soler, Mario Gas, Jordi Boixaderas, Victoria Pagès, Mingo Ràfols, Josep M. Pou, Enric Majó, etc.In 2019, the first book dedicated to his career appeared, written by Miquel-Lluís Muntané: Miquel Pujadó, el bard incombustible, and, after a hiatus caused by the pandemic, he recorded a new album of his own songs, De foc i de vellut (Of fire and velvet), which comes out i2022, forty years after its first album, with the collaboration of great musicians as Xavier Batllés, Marcel Casellas, Xavier
Figuerola, etc.